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Turning Passion to Side Hustle: 5 Hobbies That Make Money

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We can all agree that sometimes, having a day job isn’t enough to have a comfortable lifestyle. To afford to travel, you need to save up. But if you only have a limited source of income, it will take a while before you can save money.

While in your twenties, it is important to be smart with money and to maximize opportunities in generating more income. Side hustles aren’t a bad thing, as long as you know how to balance your responsibilities and take care of your body.

To manage stress, you can do what you feel like doing—hobbies. Photography, designing, painting, teaching, or writing, all these things are also excellent sources of income if you pay attention.

Passion and Skills

Consider making your hobbies a source of income by improving your skillset. If you love arts, learn techniques to help you sell artworks and eventually, grow your network. Now that everything is shifting online, learning your way in the digital world can help you connect to people.

Here are five hobbies that make money.


A lot of people don’t know that shopping can be a good source of income. To be specific, you can be a personal shopper online and help customers find garments, accessories, and other items. Basically, you are shopping for the customers and in return, you will be paid based on your rate plus the amount of the item.

Baking and Cooking

Do you find yourself releasing your stress in the kitchen, making mouth-watering dishes and desserts? What you can do is build your own online shop and accommodate orders. Start small and promote your shop to friends and family until the word of mouth does its thing. At the end of the day, you will be surprised how much money you can make out of cooking or baking.

Arts and Crafts

Becoming an artist doesn’t always require you to enroll犀利士
in a design or music school. If you are passionate about designing and making crafts, the money will follow through. Aside from drawings and calligraphy, you can also try designing for online graphics and other materials. Build your portfolio to have a reference for your art.


One of the most profitable hobbies is writing. Aside from short stories and poems, you can also try servicing businesses in creating campaigns and other materials. Best of all, you can start a blog and monetize the platform over time.

Making Videos

YouTube is the platform to use if you want to monetize your passion for videography. Are you good at editing and filming? You are definitely in for a bigger opportunity if you choose a platform like YouTube to share your videos. Monetizing videos is possible on YouTube and you will earn money depending on the number of views per video and subscribers.

Bottom Line

Earning extra cash is possible only if you use your imagination and take advantage of your skills. Your hobbies can help you earn more money, alongside your fixed monthly income, to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Explore your options and find a hobby that you enjoy, and at the same time, monetize.



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