Hey guys, here are a few quick travel tips you can have in mind the next time you have some domestic travel come up!

  • Gentlemen, wear your blazer (do not pack it). The reasoning is, packing it will fill up a decent amount of space in your bag, and it will surely get wrinkled! Also, for air travel, the plane can sometimes be a bit chilly so it’s a good thing to have with you just in case.
  • Wear your bulkiest shoes while you travel. This will save you luggage space(which is key when packing light and utilizing only a carry on).
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    li>Buy a hardshell cased luggage piece. The flimsy canvas ones have a tendancy to fold/bend/break or get punctured if something heavy is placed on top of it. Here are a couple of options similar to the case pictured in the video below: Enkloze Carbon Fiber Hardshell Carry-On Bag |Samsonite Cruiseair DLX Hardside Case

  • Wear muted colors or neutrals. Whites, greys, blacks pretty much all go together so make it easy on yourself and pack these colors.
  • Download podcasts or music so that you can have access to them during travel without a cell network or wifi connection
  • If possible, use Uber(or similar) instead of parking at the airport – Saves lots of $$!