Well hello hello lovely people!

Let me start off by saying I’ve built blogs for other people for yeeears but haven’t really maintained a personal one… like ever. I’m no seasoned vet, so bear with me here. There will be some typos, some ridiculousness(some intentional lol) and some stuff that won’t make sense at times.. so just expect that..ok…? OK!

I’ll keep this post as short and as sweet as possible; most importantly, on topic:

Why am I moving to Thailand?

The quick answer is. Why the heck not!?

I’ve been asked for the past 5-6 months when I made it public that I was moving at the end of the year. “Will, why Thailand?”. Here are just a few reasons…

  1. Live life on the Low-Low Here in the U.S.(as well as many other parts of the world, we get caught up in the hype of STUFF or what I call “life anchors”. We buy things we don’t need and we spend money on material items that have little to no value just several months after we purchase them. I can’t say I haven’t participated, but I also consider myself “semi enlightened” now. I still have an affinity for nice things, however, the value I place on them has significantly decreased. Bottom line is, that Crap doesn’t matter maaann! I want to save some money to live a more free and experience abundant lifestyle… so I signed myself up!
  2. Bootstrap business – I have 犀利士
    some business ideas/opps I want to explore and I can’t do that nearly as aggressively with a 9-5’er. Living in Thailand will allow me to essentially 2x-3x whatever dollars I make in my current businesses and give me the time to work on new ventures. Bing Bang, let’s do this thang!
  3. “Wanderlust Willie” needs to go to more places –  I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a bit here and there to date, but I want more. Thailand is amazing. I had a chance to spend a few weeks there last year and I absolutely fell in love with many aspects of it. From the food, to the people, to the culture, to the Super Fast Internet(what web peeps consider a mega must!), it all just stuck in my mind and I haven’t been able to shake it.
  4. Easy travel to other Asian destinations – While there, I plan on taking the mandatory visa renewal runs to hit some surrounding countries. My family is in Japan, and I actually plan on spending some time there in south Japan(the same home I lived in briefly as a child) to really focus on my business. Other major POI’s I’ve eyed and planned to visit are Bali, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, and Singapore.
  5. Give Back – I’ve been fortunate enough to help mentor HS and college kids in the technology space. If time weren’t an issue, I’d certainly do more. Currently co-founding a NPO called the Follow Hope Foundation and will be volunteering with various organizations to help younger children gain and enhance their grade level education there in Thailand. I’ll have a whole separate blog post on why I feel giving back is essential. “Create not Destroy”.. help not harm. Serve others.. it’s a fundamental must for all able bodied humans in my opinion. 
  6. Pad Thai – Need I say more?? On to #7…
  7. $6-$8 hour long deep tissue massages – I need to correct this jacked up back of mine from spending over a decade in the corporate world sitting behind a desk. It RUINS your back and legs. This should help, and it sure does beat the $75-$100 per hour massages here in the states.
  8. Muy Thai For Health – One of my mentors got his tail kicked repeatedly by a guy who weighed almost half as much as he and that didn’t even come up to his shoulder in height. Repeatedly. LOL. He warned me.. “Yo, those Thai cats don’t play, son!” – He is a smart man, so I will be heeding to his advice. I plan on getting my butt kicked a bit but mostly to get into better shape and maintain a high level of activity.
  9. Amazing(and cheap) food – (if  #6 wasn’t convincing enough) Not only do they have very tasty food here, but it’s also mostly inexpensive. The produce is off the hook here too!
  10. Coffee Shops and Coworking Spaces – The creative juices flow when I’m in environments that stimulate my mind. For that reason I plan on hitting many coffee shops and have already picked out my ideal coworking space in Chiang Mai Thailand.

So there are about 50 more reasons but those are a few of the top ones. Looking forward to the journey.. but now, back to work!

Ps. For now I plan on spending about 6-12 months in Asia but nothing is concrete. Could be more or less.. depending how things flow!

Anyone else out there thinking to or are currently doing the same? I’d love to hear from you.