⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great day CNX Nomads, My team and I will be launching a new business connections app in the next few days.

The goal of the app is to allow you to create a bio/profile in a few seconds that includes “what you do” (your unique skillset). That way, people who are interested in working/hiring someone with that skill set can quickly find you and contact you directly! The app is FREE and open to anyone looking to either A.) Promote their own skill set / business or B.) Looking to work with or hire someone based on their specific skill set.

Please OPT-IN to show your interest in the Beta release and to be notified when we Go-LIVE in a few days. Also, the first 200 people on our pre-launch list will receive Free advertising in the app when that part goes live in Phase 2!

Learn More and Opt-In Here:

We are hoping this app brings incredible value to Chiang Mai (our pilot market) and creates a community of powerful and profitable connections!