In the information age, there is no shortage of helpful knowledge and insight out there on the web. From recipes on how to make some bomb baked chicken to calculating the monthly payment on a property you are looking to invest in, there is just so much to see! The inherent disadvantage to having ALL of this information at our fingertips is that we can drift in the vast “ocean of overwhelm” and not even realize it until it’s too late.

I’ve sat there working in a coffee shop and could feel myself wandering away from important tasks.


Look, a Shiny Object! Gmail notifications…Oh snap, “Single-propeller ‘drone’ flies when you throw it like a frisbee”. What? For REALZZ?? – Click. Click. Bye-bye work… *Check out the wooden figurine about to hit the nae-nae #dead #yeahthatwasmewhodidthat #childish #ohwell #funnydoe

Time floats by and the realization hits; What was I even supposed to be doing to begin with? Panic sets in as I look at the clock and realize, I haven’t gotten $h!t done in 3 and a half hours!

With so much to look at and sift through, the “noise” is real ya’ll. I needed a way to realign myself to the current task/goal at hand:

Keep it simple. Build businesses and live a dope life.

So what works for me personally is to get into the routine of consuming case studies of entrepreneurs who’ve been grinding it out and have had some successes. Hearing of other business minds helps me stay motivated, inspired, driven… and most importantly, on-track!

What have I found to be the most effective way to get this type of content? Podcasts.

In late 2011, I started listening to podcasts for constant knowledge and inspiration. I found myself diving more and more into them as they started to become more ubiquitous. I like this format for a couple reasons: 1.) I love the fact that I don’t necessarily have to be staring at a computer screen or sitting in one static position in order to obtain vast knowledge in things that I’m interested in. I can just pop in my headphones at the gym, or listen during my commute. 2.) There are always fresh podcast episodes coming out(weekly and even daily!) and new podcasts publishers getting in the game to provide even more value. I’ve learned things worth hundreds of thousands of $$ at this point. All for FREE.

Below is a list of my top 10 podcasts, all of which I have listened for a significant time and keep in steady rotation. I have a bunch of others I listen to (on topics like health & wellness, spirituality, etc) but the main focus of this post is the list the ones I would recommend to other entrepreneurs. They are in no particular order.

Top 10 Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

  1. Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn(Business & Lifestyle) – Listen Now
  2. Tim Ferriss Show by Tim Ferriss(Business, Lifestyle & Mindset) – Listen Now
  3. The Cardone Zone by Grant Cardone(Real Estate & Business) – Listen Now
  4. Freedom Fastlane by Ryan Moran(Business, Mindset & Real Estate) – Listen Now
  5. Entrepreneur on Fire by John Lee Dumas(Business & Entrepreneurship) – Listen Now
  6. Travel Like a Boss Podcast by Johnny FD(Business & Lifestyle) –  Listen Now
  7. Mixergy by Andrew Warner(Business & Entrepreneurship) – Listen Now
  8. The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes – Listen Now
  9. The Ask Gary Vee Show by Gary Vaynerchuk – Listen Now
  10. Bigger Pockets Podcast by Brandon Turner & Joshua Dorkin – Listen Now


Ps. What are some of your favorite podcasts that weren’t mentioned here?